About Us Stuff

At VFT our customers can:
1. Learn and fine-tune skills in a safe and supportive environment.
2. Engage in Marksmanship skill development/enhancement.
3. Increase confidence and competency with firearms gained through practice and instruction.
4. Practice shooting in a safe, fun, educational, and a cost-effective environment.
5. VFT is large enough to host competitive events in our range areas.
6. Along with hosting large.
7. Groups in our 75-person conference space.
8. VFT offers something for Entertainment seekers, First-time shooters, Gun enthusiasts, Law enforcement professionals and, Competitive or serious marksman/woman.
9. VFT is a laser Simulation Range and a multi-faceted competitive socialization training and recreational center situated in a 40,000 square foot venue located in Niantic, CT.

VFT will be THE destination for competitive socialization with a detailed focus on responsible
and safe firearms ownership and competency.

VFT’s Founders

Each VFT co-founder contributes highly developed and specialized skills and knowledge refined through practical experience and decades of advanced education and training. Their collective technical expertise and business acumen ensures the delivery of high-quality services, sound and efficient operations, and effective execution of business strategies.
Executive Team and Co-Founders:
Mark Comeau, CEO
Matt Fleisher, COO

Mark ComeauCEO
Mark has been a lifelong firearm enthusiast and the VFT vision is derived from his passion for the sport and to train. Mark has obtained training certifications in several disciplines in the firearm industry.

Mark is currently a Police Detective and has served in law enforcement for more than 39 years. Mark is a perfectionist but doesn’t let perfection come in the way of getting things done and that is reflected in his training style.

Matthew FleisherCOO
Matthew is a life-long resident of East Lyme and successful business entrepreneur. He has been in the operations and customer service industry for over 35 years. Matthew is a partner in a well renowned commercial painting company and owner of a bio-hazard cleaning company as well as several other business ventures locally.

Given his background, Matthew has a deep understanding of daily operations and fundamentals in complex business environments. His business strategy has always been to provide exceptional customer experiences as well as an engaging and motivating work environment for his staff.